Yellow box junction Martin way/ Links avenue

1) To increase the GREEN MAN time from < 5 seconds to > 5 seconds so the pedestrians including children can cross safely.
2) To install a camera to deter motorists illegally jumping the red light and stopping on the pedestrian crossing when it's green .Unfortunately, vehicles do not leave the box empty, but constantly stop on it; they also stop on the pedestrian crossing which is a few yards further on. When the vehicle is a high-sided one, it blocks one's view of the traffic lights and it's impossible to tell whether it's safe to cross without actually venturing out, between vehicles. And if the light ISN'T green in the pedestrian's favour, that's extremely dangerous! Trying to work out when a vehicle, which has stopped illegally in the box, is going to move, is a challenge we could all do without.

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Sumreen Sheikh

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Tuesday 5 November 2013

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Thursday 6 November 2014

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