Welcome to! is devoted to the world of government e-petitions. Unlike the official UK government website, allows to you comment on petitions rather than sign them, so you can explain why you support them - or not, as the case may be.

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    Less than 5% of accepted petitions get 1,000 or more signatures. Reaching this number is an achievement to be proud of. At least, it is if you haven't got here simply by getting all the members of your club or union to vote for it.

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    The petitions creating a stir at the moment with the number of recent signatures. We'd use the word "trending" if it wasn't so untrendy.

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    All the new petitions activated in the last week. The babies of the petition world, if you will. Try to predict which category they'll be in the future!

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    Most e-petitions don't end up with thousands of signatures. Most struggle to get past two digits. Quite a lot struggle to get any any support at all. And a select few completely pass by the public consciousness - the petitions where the only signatory is the petition's creator.

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