Abandon The Unnecessary Burden Of The Bedroom Tax For The Vunerable

2013 Housing Benefit reforms (aka 'Bedroom Tax') reduce Housing Benefit for social housing tenants judged to be 'under occupying' their homes, by 14% - 25%.. This effects a disproportionate number of disabled people, including couples who need their 'extra' bedroom for health reasons, disabled children who are now (regardless of disability or health needs) required to share a bedroom with same sex siblings up to 16 years of age, and opposite sex siblings up to the age of 10, and disabled people who's homes have been meet their needs. Whilst there is a discretionary HB fund to which families with disabled members can apply, each local authority can administer this as it sees fit. The discretionary payments are time limited, and the fund is insufficient for the numbers of people affected. An exemption for DISABLED PEOPLE would ensure that the most vulnerable are protected, and reduce administrative burden on Local authorities.

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Jeff Lawrence

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Tuesday 21 May 2013

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