Abolish new strict speeding regulations & increase Motorway limit to at least 80

It has recently been announced that motorists are to be penalised for exceeding the speed limit by a single mph. This is ludicrous - a slight hill could be enough to tip the balance by 1mph - are motorists are expected to keep their eyes glued to the speedometer, ignoring their surroundings?

This at a time where Police forces are claiming they do not have the resources to attend burglaries, where innocent people and their property are at risk (source:, yet can afford two officers at the side of the road with a speed gun, absolutely proves that motorists are an unfair target and income stream for police.

The 70mph speed limit was introduced nearly 50 years ago - Car safety has improved considerably since then and it's about time the law changed to reflect this.

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Friday 7 August 2015

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