Abolish the TV Licence and cease payments to the BBC

Its blatantly obvious the BBC has known for decades of child abuse conducted by Jimmy Saville and taken a corporate decision to ignore or hide this fact from the TV licence paying public, whilst neglecting a duty of care to the children in Saville's company and allowing other so called celebrities who 'approve' of Saville's behaviour to also engage in child abuse whilst on BBC premises.
This questions the BBC's integrity and their responsibility to the TV licence paying public. Its clear the BBC and their handling of Jimmy Saville by preserving his so called integrity they blatantly chose to rubber stamp and approve of child abuse within their corporation.
I do not wish to fund a corporation which sanctions child abuse, whilst ensuring those responsible remain hidden to protect 'celebrities' and ratings.
I call for the abolishment of the TV licence and end payments to an organisation, which is now shown to be historically and morally corrupt by allowing child abuse to take place.

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Mike Lennon

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Sunday 14 October 2012

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