Abolition of TV license fee

After carefully considering this issue I feel that paying for a tv licence only lines the pockets of the BBC and does not benefit me in any way. I have recently upgraded to a subscriber service as I was becoming fed up with the rubbish on BBC so I now record the programmes off of Gold so that I have something half decent to watch. I am sure many in the UK are now subscribers to alternative tv services and feel that paying the licence fee as well is ridiculous.

Those on low incomes who now have to pay the ridiculous bedroom tax are falling into arrears with their licence fees so that they can put a roof over their familys heads.

Also I don't see why we should be paying your legal costs for all the scandal you've received of late go and fund it yourself or don't give bonuses to the pen pushers

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Catherine Sheard

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Monday 18 November 2013

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Sunday 18 May 2014

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