Acid attacks in the UK are at a rise, the Government should deter these attacks.

Acid attacks are at a rise within the United Kingdom, not enough is being done to deter these threats and violent crimes, therefore we are suggesting for the Government and Policing Services to validate the following: tougher prison sentences, tougher laws for purchase, increased education/research.

We believe the Government should implement:

- Tougher laws and Prison Sentences with a minimum of 18 years and maximum of 60
- ID will be needed to purchase chemicals
- Tax will be added to chemical purchases
- Chemicals over 30% will need a 'special ID' which is not handed to
convicted individual(s)
- Education and research is increased
- Purchases should only be allowed to be made digitally by Credit Card for Police print
- Information of chemical purchases should be handled to the Police

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Alex Qerreti

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Friday 8 February 2019

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Thursday 8 August 2019

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