Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles is a self-confessed repugnant, dull and incessantly loathed man. He is unworthy to present our nation's most loved beautiful game.
We have ensued his coverage for more than 2 years and what a long 2 years they have been. We ask his services be repudiated and also that Gareth Southgate follows him out the door.
His previous employment as presenter of Daybreak seems a far more fitting option. Far less of the population watch Daybreak and those who do deserve to be punished anyway as ungrateful drains on society.
Chiles ruins football, he knows nothing of the sport, and as an unpopular figure amidst an already tense viewing population, it is for his own safety that the man be eradicated from peak-time television.
His banter irks all. His only virtue is the way he unites every football fan through a mutual feeling of monumental disdain.
Please sign this petition so we can do something about this overweight cretin. Football deserves better.
Chiles out.

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Jay Bhatti

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Friday 15 June 2012

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