All pet animal breeders should be licensed.

All UK residents who wish to breed domestic/pet animals for ANY reason should be licensed under the following conditions. The health and welfare of all animals involved must be recorded, overseen and signed off by a Veterinarian. Including tests for hereditary conditions. All reasonable measures should be taken to ensure blood lines are not crossed, resulting with inbred animals. Limits must be placed on the number of litters an animal may have per year and within its lifetime. All breeders must pledge a lifetime duty of care to all the animals they own or produce. Including an offer to take back or re-homing any animal that is no longer wanted by the original owner. All new owners must, by law neuter or spay the animal unless they hold an licensed to breed that animal. If put in place, this will help to dramatically reduce the number of backyard breeders as well as the number of unwanted animals abandoned or put to sleep each year. Thank you.

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Carla Mounsey

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Tuesday 15 November 2011

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Saturday 17 November 2012

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