Allow a (paid) day off for women on their first day of menstruation

On the first day of a women’s period (menstruation), while some only experience bleeding, unfortunately many experience severe additional symptoms. It is a hard, painful and therefore unmotivating day for those starting their monthly period and already causes thousands of women to take time off.

Many women, as well as heavy bleeding, get additional, sometimes severe, symptoms such as abdominal and back cramping, headaches, muscle and joint pain, sickness, etc. And additional symptoms, like fainting, due to other health problems like anemia.
Menstruation for many women make school/work days almost unbareable, it is extremely stressful and hard to concentrate. Many women already feel the need to take days off or go home due to this, where they can allow their body to rest.

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Courtney Craven

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Friday 8 February 2019

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Wednesday 7 August 2019