Allow students to register at two GPs

Students are unable to access help as they are living in two locations whilst only registered to one GP. I tried to access help for my mental health (I was suicidal, anxious and self harming) whilst at home this summer but was refused as I was registered at the uni GP (100 miles away).

Government response

This response was given on 24 October 2018

GP practices must provide urgent and immediately necessary treatment, from 8am to 6.30pm, to anyone, regardless of whether they are registered at the practice.

We were sorry to the hear that the petitioner was unable to receive help from a local GP practice – particularly in such distressing circumstances.

Anyone who requires treatment that a GP or healthcare professional regards as an emergency, or immediately necessary, should be provided with that treatment free of charge, regardless of whether they are registered with a GP or not.

While it is not possible for patients to register as a NHS patient with two GP practices at the same time - as only one practice can hold a patient’s medical records – we recognise that students registered with a university GP practice may wish to access treatment from any GP when returning home or when away from their university practice. In such circumstances, students can apply to a GP to be accepted as a temporary resident. Temporary residence applies where a person intends to be in an area for more than 24 hours but for less than 3 months. Once registered, patients can receive treatment in the same way as other registered patients. Details of the patient’s treatment provided, whilst a temporary resident, will be passed to their registered practice.

Department of Health and Social Care

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