Allow Term Time Holidays based on child's attendance

So, the new rule about taking children on holiday during term time has had everybody talking. Although I do believe numerous days off school WILL affect a child's education, there has to be a compromise somewhere.

Some families simply can't afford the rates some companies charge in the holidays. It seems unfair that many children will miss out due to this.

I have created this petition for the government to allow children up to 8 allocated days off school during term time AS LONG as their attendance will not fall below 96%
i.e. if a child has had many days off school for illness etc, the school may only allow the child 4 days off... AGAIN... keeping the attendance at 96%

If a child starts falling way below 96%, then to look at the families personal circumstances and ONLY then should fines be put in place.

96% attendance is still in the green band at many schools and reports show that 96% and above attendance DOES NOT affect the child's education.

You can't sign this petition because it has now closed. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

Do you support or oppose this petition?

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Catherine Warner

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Thursday 23 January 2014

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Saturday 24 January 2015

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