apology for ww1

For the govt of the day to apologise to the nation for incompetencies that lead to the destruction of a generation. the murder of soldiers falsely branded cowards. the trauma suffered by soldiers forced to murder their own colleagues in firing squads. the murder of soldiers shot by their own officers when they faltered after 'going over the top' . the thousands forced to return to front line duties despite suffering shell shock. To the hundreds who were incarcerated or shot for desertion because they refused to return to front line duties whilst suffering shell shock. . the ineffectual eguipnent such as gas masks. To the thousands who returned home blind, limbless and mentally dead to no after care or treatment.To the millions left destitute despite promises of a land fit for hero's. To the thousands killed or permanantly injured due to inadequate training and facillities whilst carrying out war work in places such as munitions factories .
To the millions who never returned!

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richard berry

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Monday 17 March 2014

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Tuesday 31 March 2015