Automatic Shared Residency

Children need both parents. Why should either parent dictate? when emotions run high, silly games and false allegations ruin lives, I say that its time to stop this, stop the years some parents have to fight to gain contact with their children for a few hours a month.

Both parents should have 50/50 residency, this will stop spiteful parents refusing access, If a parent is considered dangerous give police the power to stop contact or grant supervised contact, until a full hearing takes place...if parents can't agree on selected days, then an automatic every other day contact should be in place until a final decision is made...this will limit the courts to special cases only such as domestic violence and child abuse...but more servere punishments for lying parents.

Please sign to change the law it is a completely unfair system...its time we really looked into the best interests of the children and stop parents and children being refused access.

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Lawrence Mullin

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Monday 4 November 2013

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