Ban Islam in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth

I am writing to you today to call upon the British government to take action to eradicate this dangerous religion from British and Commonwealth soil.

You have heard it said that Islam is a religion of peace that condemns murder. Did you also know that muslims are encouraged to lie in order to further Islam and that there is no guaranteed way of going to heaven in Islam apart from slaying a non believer.

People have a right to believe (or not believe) what they want, however, Islam is the source of almost all violent fanatics. Not all muslims are terrorists but 90% of the time terrorists turn out to be muslim.

Islam itself is gaining ground here in the UK which makes me very concerned for the future of our great nation. Look at so called Islamic states, where sharia law is the law, women are treated less than men, people have their hands cut off for theft and following other religions can carry the death penalty. It's time we consign Islam to history.

Long Live the Queen!

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James Bailey

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

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