Ban the breaking Human rights in horror movies

After seeing the film "the human centipede" advertised i looked it up. It is the most offensive and awful film I have ever heard of. Films like this show no respect for human life, showing graphic scenes of imprisonment and horrofic meathods torture. We as a society are outraged when a fellow human being is killed in cold blood in the street and young girls are kidnapped for 10 years. But turn it into a film and it is perfectly acceptable entertainment. What is wrong is us?! Acting and production is so good now show someone 10 clips of real torture and acting and they wouldnt know the differnece. Human lives and rights are to be respected, even in hollywood movies, any film showing scenes that show horrific murders, rapes, and torture should be banned. We are all human beings, why should entertainment be someones basic human rights being removed in such a violent way. Lets stop the acceptance of violence in society, and stop giving murderers and rapists a show to enjoy.

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Suzi Ord

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Wednesday 29 May 2013

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Saturday 31 May 2014

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