Ban the Sale and Use of Chinese Sky Lanterns in the UK

Chinese Lanterns are let off to float uncontrolled into the night sky with no thought of the consequences when they land.
FIRES: Roofs have been set alight, crops have been destroyed, a fire at a recycling plant saw 11 firemen injured. Chinese Lanterns damage businesses and lives alike.
ANIMALS: Livestock have been known to eat the remains of burnt out lanterns, causing severe injuries and even death, once again, fatally - birds are getting caught up in the wires.
UNECESSARY ALARM: Chinese lanterns are wasting valuable resources, mistaken for flares and UFO's that's the better spent time of our coastguards and police gone.
LITTERING: Once these lanterns have fall from the sky they are litter. If you were to drop a lantern in a town centre you would be fined for littering.

Please ban the sale and use of Chinese Sky Lanterns in the UK

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Louise Redding

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Monday 4 November 2013

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