BBC Propaganda Complaints letter I wrote, your thoughts

I would like to know the truth and the British Broadcasting Company and its relationship with the government. As a British tax payer and citizen I\We deserve to know the truth.

Dear Sir/Madam

I use the BBC news website every day along with the Sky news website. I was appalled to find your broadcasting attitude differs greatly and my only reason I can think of why is repression. The BBC is the state broadcaster for the UK correct? I know you will probably say the government has no influence on what we broadcast and I can only say "Don't insult my intelligence" The front page of the Sky news website is "London Mosque Fire: Muslims 'Need Protection' That, I believe as a British citizen is front page news and I was appalled to not find any such story on your website. Again this leads me to think the BBC is nothing but a propaganda machine. That is my complaint!! the British public deserve to know the truth about what is happening around the country and the BBC is repressing it.

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Paul Short

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Thursday 6 June 2013

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