BBC to broadcast National Anthem at the same time as Channel 4 broadcasts the Muslim Call to Prayer during Ramadan.

Channel 4 plans to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer everyday during Ramadan.
It is about time that the BBC returns to broadcasting the National Anthem daily, which should be done at the same time as Channel 4's publicity stunt.
This is not an anti Muslim petition, it is simply a case that the British public should be able to celebrate its nationalism as much as any other group can celebrate their beliefs.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

E-petitions cannot be used to request action on issues that are outside the responsibility of the government. This includes:

  • party political material
  • commercial endorsements including the promotion of any product, service or publication
  • issues that are dealt with by devolved bodies, eg The Scottish Parliament
  • correspondence on personal issues

E-petitions cannot be used for freedom of information requests.

You can't sign this petition because it wasn't accepted for publication. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

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Dan Mills

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Tuesday 2 July 2013

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