Benefits In Exchange For Community Work

Benefits should only be given in exchange for community work at the minimum wage.

For example; If Job Seekers Allowance is £67.50 per week plus the average UK Housing Benefit is around £90 per week and minimum wage is £5.95 per hour, that's around 26 hours community service a week, around 5 hours each weekday. This leaves around 11 hours of a normal working person's 37 hour week to search for another job. Direction and help would be offered to do this. People will only be paid for the amount of community hours they work.

In exchange for social benefits, the unemployed will be employed, improving their local communities, learning and improving skills as they work. They will become valuable members of their community and become connected and reluctant to destroying their own hard work.

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Marianne Bailey

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Friday 12 August 2011

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