Bring back dog licenses

Bring back dog licenses! It is such a mess in our society with Dogs. More and more irresponsible owners are not taken care of our dogs and dogs are on the rise increasing being abused and dumped on the street. This is because of our system is very poorly controlled. Who is to blame? Our government!

We need dog licenses back to calm the situation and more controlled. RSPCA and dog wardens should have the power to arrest irresponsible owners and stricter laws is needed ie jail sentence to make people aware of the law for everybody safety including the animals.

Dangerous dogs = irresponsible dangerous owners that must be stopped! How? Dog licenses must be produced. Illegal puppy farmings need to be stop. How? Dog licenses must be produced. Therefore arrest must be made.

People who can't afford dogs don't get a license. It is that simple!

I really hope actions will be done ASAP to improve things.

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Nicky Thornley

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Monday 24 March 2014

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