Bring Back National Service

Legislate a mandatory 2-year period of Armed Forces Service for all males and females leaving full-time education. This will deliver the following benefits:

1. Bolster the armed forces, assisting in offsetting personnel reductions by performing national duties.
2. Provide a correct and proper psychological framework for young people entering adult independence.
3. Reduce youth obesity, improve health and health education, and reduce demands on the NHS.
4. Provide direction, sense of purpose, positive values and self-worth to those less privileged in childhood.
5. Deliver mentally and physically strong, disciplined, motivated and respectful individuals into society.
6. Support teachers by focussing students' minds on obligations once their schooling has completed.
7. Encourage employers to retain existing staff longer.
8. Reduce youth crime and promote a culture of trust in young people.
9. Enhance Britain's image among its neighbours.
10. Augment the 'Big Society' vision.

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Nick Lloyd

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Tuesday 9 August 2011

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