Bring back The Price and Incomes Board and regulate the prices on good and services

We the signed would like the government to look in to this matter of strict regulation on pricing.

The prices on goods differ from retailer to retailer. Some retailers charge ridiculous prices for goods and service.

This needs to be regulated. A structure allowing some margin for profit on good and services. Across the board standardise pricing for goods and services. And not how it stands now with huge differences on prices for the same goods.

It is in these times of unemployment and cuts in salaries that society on the whole would benefit. This could be extended in other areas, like caping extortionate rents to landlords and loans sharks.

No doubt the proportion of people and families in absolute poverty and those headed down that road in society would welcome this strict caping of prices for goods and services.

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Created By

Michael O'Brien

Created On

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Closing Date

Friday 23 May 2014