British Jobs , Living Wage

Whilst being fair to Eastern European Workers (perhaps no more than 4 registered as living at one address, stop gangmaster abuse ). Ensure sufficient jobs available for all BRITISH Workers ( Black, White, Asian), so we can rebuild our economy & bring HOPE . Establish a Fair, sensible ratio of pay between lowest & highest paid Workers , so all can have a LIVING wage, & are actually able to AFFORD to buy the constant stream of consumer items we are bombarded with, ensuring our economy flows consistently. narrow the gap between the enormously affluent , & those on a mere subsistence income ( in low paid, miserable jobs, treated like chattels, or those unable to find work, existing on benefits). at least ATTEMPT to reduce the resentment & hopelessness amongst those not blessed with entrepeurnerial characters, but who are still vital to the success of the organisations they work for.

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keith bennett

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Friday 12 August 2011

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