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Two men from Cheshire have been jailed for four years each for using Facebook to incite disorder during riots in England last week.

Jordan Blackshaw, 21, of Vale Road, Marston and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, of Richmond Avenue, Warrington, were jailed at Chester Crown Court.

For a crime they didnt commit it's a bit steap, also using them as scrapegoats to stop others from doing the same thing is ridiculous, yes they used social media to start a riot, the crime it's self is not worth 4 years, people who have commited worse crimes have been sent down for shorter jail sentences, but if they was involved in any sort of rioting then fair enough, can use the lad who stole a £3.50 bottle of water who committed first time offence and got 6 months for looting.

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