British law should apply to foreign drivers on UK roads

Myself and family were involved in a motorway accident.We were hit from behind whilst waiting in a traffic queue by a foreign driver; as such he has got away with dangerous driving. If we had been hit by an English driver they would have been charged so why not a Foreign driver?? There was no charge, no fine, no points, no ban, nothing!! Why should foreign drivers be above UK law??

Action the government needs to take:
The government should re-evaluate it's law so that anyone driving in the UK, British citizen or foreign has to abide by UK road laws. If you are driving dangerously, without due care and attention etc and cause an accident regardless of nationality in the UK you should be dealt with appropriately. (charged, fined, points, removal of licence etc). This is currently not that case and the government needs to change its law.

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kate youdale

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Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Thursday 27 November 2014

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