Building Disaster relief vessels in Portsmouth

The Government to commission the Portsmouth Shipyard to construct a number of ‘disaster relief vessels’. These could be adaptations of existing vessel designs ( i.e. HMS Bulwark) of sufficiently size and construction to accommodate ‘First Aid’ personnel, life-saving supplies and relief equipment, heavy lift helicopters, hospital facilities, engineering plant & machinery and construction equipment, etc.
Responsibility for their operational command and active deployment would be given over to the United Nations,
The vessels would be incapable of being used in a combat role.
Other G20 Countries would be invited to contribute to their fitting out and commissioning: Particularly in respect of providing heavy lifting helicopters.
These proposals would give the Country a sense of civic pride, and help retain the existing skilled workforce in Portsmouth whilst assisting those less fortunate people in the world which do not enjoy our humanitarian security and lifestyle benefits.

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Peter Johnson

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Monday 18 November 2013

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Saturday 17 May 2014