Call for Execution of Lee Rigby's Murderers

After the hideous crime of the murder of Lee Rigby, the only just punishment for his murderers can be execution. I am not calling for reintroduction of Capital Punishment, just that in this case the vile nature of the crime calls for the ultimate punishment.
The murderers said they did it as 'an Eye for an Eye' - quite how that corresponded to killing an unarmed soldier in broad daylight, I do not know. However 'an Eye for an Eye' could easily be applied to their punishment. I am sure there would be no diffulty in raising a Firing Squad from Lee Rigby's Regiment.
It could be little comfort to the family of Lee Rigby, but at least they would know the killers were dead and unable to do the same to someone else's son.

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Neil Christopher Firth

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

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