Car Insurance

There are two cars in my Household.

If I want to insurance all my Family Members on both cars as Named Driver, then on both cars I have to pay for the youngest driver, despite the fact that the youngest driver cannot drive both the car at the same time.

If Insurance is Driver based then a driver should be covered for all cars in the group or below. Why the double charge when it does not cost the Insurance Company double to insure.

My petition is
1. The Insurance should not be more than the total of two single quotes of the two most expensive drivers.

2. Why can the car not be insured instead of Driver being Insured?

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

E-petitions cannot be used to request action on issues that are outside the responsibility of the government. This includes:

  • party political material
  • commercial endorsements including the promotion of any product, service or publication
  • issues that are dealt with by devolved bodies, eg The Scottish Parliament
  • correspondence on personal issues

E-petitions cannot be used for freedom of information requests.

The following explanatory notes have been added:

This is a matter for the insurance industry.

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Darshak Patel

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Saturday 3 March 2012

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