Car Insurance - Treating Customers Fairly

Car Insurance is a mandatory requirement, however from protecting customers it is apparent it is becoming a more profitable investment for the insurance market. Each comparison site will quote with the same details £100 cheaper, when speaking to the insurer they advise it is due to a live quote on the day of the underwriting value, my question is where is the justice? And how is there a £100 difference. Also depending on what you put in the quote, i.e. a name driver depends on how cheap your insurance becomes. Where is the justice for the owner of the policy? These are major concerns; I don't believe the policy is fair, due to a particular area a person is penalised.When the government complain about the recession, then does it not concern them a household requires the use of a vehicle, and yet it does nothing to improve the car insurance market, but yet let neglected management do its service.

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Sajid Abbas Daya

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Monday 25 February 2013

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Saturday 1 March 2014

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