Change the law on parking across garage entrances and driveways

Currently, the law only allows police intervention when cars are stuck inside garages and on driveways due to parked vehicles blocking them in - not allowing access to the Queen's highway I believe is the law. This petition is for access to kept clear for cars leaving OR ENTERING a garage or driveway. Insurance companies now dictate whether you can leave your car parked on the road and, if they say you must garage your car overnight, you are in contravention of your insurance leaving it parked on the road even though you cannot physically park it on your property. I would like the government to give the police or another relevant body the power to confiscate cars left blocking residential garages / driveways if there is a complaint from the resident, and with the power to award 3 driving points and a fine for parking without due consideration for others.

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Mark Wilcox

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Tuesday 1 May 2012

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Thursday 2 May 2013

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