Change the Rules on Cervical Cancer Screening Tests

Under NHS rules, women are only eligible for screening from 25. If screened too young, girls may have abnormal test results when there is nothing wrong leading to unnecessary worry. Women under 25 who actually have precancerous cells/ tumour remain undiagnosed and untreated.
By the time a 23 yr old with cervical cancer is eligible for screening, she may be dead.

Women over 25 are only eligible for a test every 3 years. Therefore, if she develops cancer during that time, she’s not entitled to a test.

Despite having numerous symptoms, family history and concern from her GP, a friend (27) has to wait 5 months to have her 2nd test because she’s “too early”, in which time she could die.
Imagine being told that despite having symptoms and being advised by a doctor to get tested, you have to wait 5 months and live each day knowing you could be dying: “rules are rules”.

This government should lower the minimum age of screening to 20 and invite to screening should be annual

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Joanna Saunders

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Friday 7 June 2013

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