Change the TV licensing law so that your TV licence covers you away from home.

If you have a licence and travel on a bus whilst watching iPlayer you are covered. If you live or holiday in a caravan you are covered.
If you stay in a hotel, B&B or holiday home you ARE NOT and require the owner of that establishment to have a licence.

You could be potentially breaking the law without even realising it.
I am one of those many law abiding citizens who have to work away from home due to lack of suitable work in my home area. I own a TV licence at home. During the week I rent a cottage off my employer. I have no utility bills, do not have the right to vote in this constituency and I am not registered with a GP here and yet I am required, by law, to have a TV licence - Why?
If you think that this should be changed please vote.

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Darren Davis

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Wednesday 14 March 2018

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Thursday 13 September 2018

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