Charge mosque bombers as the terrorists they are

We the undersigned have noted that police inquiries surrounding the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby are quite rightly being treated as counter terrorism inquiries. However, we also note that the inquiries into the nationalist reprisals against peaceful Muslim communities are being treated as simple petty crime. This must change if we are to have peace in this country. The attacks against mosques and Muslim community figures are clearly designed to cause terror in the Muslim community. These double standards cannot be allowed to continue and we thus request that those who have carried out reprisal attacks against mosques be tried for the terrorist acts that they committed rather than the nearest corresponding petty crimes. This would send a clear message that Terrorism is not an acceptable solution to Terrorism.

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This is an operational policing matter for the relevant police force.

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James Alistair Hills

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Monday 27 May 2013

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