charges for a&e patients addmitted trough alcohol or drugs

We need to stop the majority of people that cost us millions a year from taking advantage of the health service especially drunk and drug users coming trough our a&e departments and on to our wards. I believe there should be a min charge of £100 for each person that comes to hospital because they have missused alcohol or taken drugs and they should go to court for non payment of this charge which will include the court costs for missed payment. This will make people think twice before turning up to our hospitals because there drunk/drugged and stop a large amount of physical and verbal abuse given to NHS and security staff on a weekly bases. Most of these patients do not need treatment and some even go to hospital just for a free bed this has to stop .

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please see: Charge people who go to A&E due to having taken recreational drugs

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stephen burgesd

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Saturday 5 April 2014

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