Comprehensive immigration reform

I am calling on the government to make a change towards our UK immigration laws.
We should have similar immigration laws as the top countries in the world like USA, Canada and Australia.

I think the new ways people should immigrate here is:
- Immediate family member can sponsor you (If you have a Spouse, Child that is 18 years or over or Parent that is a UK citizen.)
- If a UK employer is willing to sponsor you.
- Refugee or Asylum.
- Get an advanced degree in a UK university.
- Foreign broadcasters that have skills that UK citizens don't have.
- Immigrant lottery allowing 10,000 random lottery applicants to immigrate every year from any countries.

Citizens of EU countries cannot come free will to the UK. They need to become eligible to immigrate to UK.

There should also be made a British permanent residence card that people need first, similar to green card in USA. After 5 years pass the naturalisation test and become a UK citizen.

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Adil Iqbal

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Sunday 13 January 2013

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