Compulsory 8 hours community/volunteer work for people on job seekers allowance

There are currently over 2.51 million unemployed and 1.58 million claiming some sort of job seekers allowance (September 2011).

Combined with the harsh public service cuts that are being rolled out over the next few years this trend is unlikely to change soon.

Why not make it compulsory for job seeker claimants to take part in a minimum of 8 hours volunteer or community work a week. By doing so they will be gaining or maintaining the important skills that employers look for, and not become disillusioned and unable to enter the job market by being out of work for too long.

It will also enable valuable public services such as libraries and day centres to stay open despite decreased funding with the help of volunteers.

This would surely benefit all, allowing people to maintain or develop skills and even try working in area's they wouldn't normally work in, whilst allowing communities to continue the services important to them with an influx of volunteers.

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Christopher Luckett

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Saturday 17 September 2011

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Wednesday 19 September 2012

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