Compulsory study of the History of England

I believe we should use history in the school curriculum to form in every generation the true perspective of what it is to be English. The spiritual heart of English identity, our fairness, generosity, and courage is the reason immigrants come here but these community oriented values are easily forgotten and need to be taught to each new generation. True English values have their origin in the nation born at Brunanburh (the original Battle of Britain) and the community defined and forged by key Saxon figures like Bede, Alfred and the line of Saxon Kings. How is it possible to understand who we are and how we interact with our Scottish, Welsh, Irish and French neighbours without an awareness of Lindisfarne, Hastings, Agincourt, Fotheringay, Marston Moor, Preston Pans? Do our children know why Fountains Abbey is in ruins, why most of the world's railways drive on the left, who invented computers and radar and who was Henry Bessemer? We need a proper nation building program.

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Paul Padley

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Saturday 24 September 2011

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