Conduct rolling referenda so that the Brexit deal commands support AT THE TIME

Older voters, who were more likely to have died by the time 'Leave' takes effect, tended to favour 'Leave', whilst those under the age of 18, who will live much longer with the consequences, didn't get a vote at all.

The proposal is to conduct a potentially rolling sequence of referenda to ensure that the final outcome from the Brexit negotiations reflects the widest possible support AT THE TIME THE FINAL DEAL COMES INTO EFFECT.

There are 4 options. 1. Take the deal. 2. Re-negotiate 3. Stay in the EU 4. Leave with no agreement.

The voters rank the options in order of preference.

When one option commands more than 50 percent of the votes, or if the top option is 2, re-negotiate, that's what HMG will action.

Otherwise the option with the fewest votes is eliminated, and its supporters' votes are re-allocated to their next preferences.

If option 2, re-negotiate, wins, there would have to be a further referendum 3 months later, conducted as above.

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David Melville Edwards

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Thursday 12 April 2018

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Friday 12 October 2018

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