Council Tax Exemption/Reduction Legislation Change

Full Time Students who fail one year and have to re-sit a module are seen by their Council as being Part Time. Consequently they are no longer exempt from Council Tax.

The Housing Department then advise them that they are Full Time. Consequently they can't claim Housing Benefit and get a Council Tax reduction.

When trying to claim Job Seekers Allowance, they also voice the same opinion as the Housing Benefit Office so they cannot claim JSA to help.

We have been told by a local Council Office, "It is a hole many students fall down but there is nothing we can do, it is the rule set down by the Government".

This issue is due to a legislation discrepancy between two Departments in the same Governmental Body and these two departments need to agree on what is and isn’t a full time student. We need one cut off point; a clear line must be drawn so that students get the help they need.

Please sign this petition and help our students of today help our country of tomorrow.

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James Fewings

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Monday 24 February 2014

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

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