Create a dedicated research/treatment clinic for Surviving Victims of Carbon Monoxide .

Pain, confusion and exhaustion are an everyday experience, for those exposed and damaged by fumes leaking in domestic and commercial premises. The Industry, Safety Regulators and DOH have all carried out research into chronic and acute poisoning. It is known that exposure causes serious damage to many systems of the body including brain and nerve damage. This research has not been filtered down to your GP or Hospital Doctors. Carbon Monoxide NEVER works alone. The synergistic and additive effects of many dangerous chemicals including Hydrogen Cyanide needs to be honestly addressed. Victims are left untreated and in many cases unbelieved. Families are devastated and in many cases isolated by a lack of understanding or support.
We Petition The Department of Health for a dedicated, independent, establishment researching, educating and treating those who live with the consequences of continued ignorance of their suffering.

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Deborah Davis

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

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Thursday 13 November 2014