Creating employment

Instead of bashing the unemployed how about thinking about creating jobs. First think about unemployed who might have some business idea and look at those ideas and perhaps give some loan funding a bit like the socail fund loan but for enterprise instead a business could be opened for less than a years unemployment benifit.Ithat be the case surely helping these people could be very cost effective lending them a years benifits would cost nothing in the long term. Secondly outlaw all the enhanced crb checks except those that are esentail in care a lot of long term unemployed have spent convictions and deserve a second chance its not spent if it disclosed on a crb check.
Look at the living wage and low or no tax for the lower paid every low paid worker should have a resonable income and that will increase there spending and therefore fuel the economy and create employment STOP WAISTING MONEY ON DEAD END TRAINING SCHEMES AND BACK TO WORK SCHEMES THAT ARE NOT HELPFUL

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Friday 25 October 2013

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