D Day educational trips for every British school child

On a recent trip to the D Day landing beaches, museums and graveyards, I found it extremely humbling and emotional to see and hear firsthand about the individual battles and the ultimate sacrifices that were made by so many, but above all I have never felt so proud to be British.
Whilst at the Pegasus Bridge museum a party of French school children arrived to find out what had happened and this made me think, why don't British school children do the same?
I am confident that if every primary school child aged 9 -11, irrespective of faith, religion etc was to visit the British landing beaches, museums and graveyards in Normandy to see and learn what happened, 3 very important outcomes would be achieved.
1 An increase in knowledge and understanding of the devastating effects war has on individuals
2 British D Day hero’s would never be forgotten
3 Pride in our nation would be taken to another level
Please make these visits compulsory by adding to the curriculum

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Steven Lillistone

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Saturday 8 June 2013

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