Death Penalty For Public Murder in Time of War

In 1999, Jack Straw signed the 6th protocol of the European Convention On Human Rights, formally abolishing the death penalty.
The Convention does contain the proviso that any signatory state may employ it during time of war.
A shocking murder has occurred of a serving soldier in Woolwich London in May 2013 and the country has been at war and this act was war related. This was affirmed in public statements by the perpetrators.
Further more the act was undertaken publicly and with such bravado that the premise of reasonable doubt has been exceeded, the two men concerned are clearly guilty and can be seen to be so.
Can the state enact a clear recourse to the death penalty for an act of murder of this type where the murder is of a member of the state of the United Kingdom, the murder has been committed in relation to a war situation and where the act is so public that any question of doubt at a trial has been removed.

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Andrew Carnegie

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Friday 24 May 2013

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