Devise a national public campaign to increase awareness of Bone Marrow Donation.

Currently only 2% of people in the UK are registered as stem cell donors. This compares to 13% in Cyprus, 12% in Israel and 9% in Germany.
This is due to the lack of public awareness of what bone marrow donation is and how further simplified and painless the procedure of donating can be.

90% of people now donate directly from their bloodstream, in a procedure known as peripheral blood stem cell donation (PBSC)

There is no government public campaign highlighting this important detail.
There are many who have never been informed that there is such a register. Yet a high number of those who do are discouraged by the myth that by donating, it is a very painful procedure.
There are more life savers out there. The government must invest in raising awareness surrounding this subject.

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Kelly Garea Jennings

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Thursday 10 January 2019

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Tuesday 9 July 2019

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