Disrespect by Members of the House of Lords who walked out of chambers whilst the names of the fallen were being read

I write with disgust at the total disrespect shown by certain members of the House of Lords who left the chamber whilst the readings of the details of the dead service personnel were being read out.

Actions I would like taken.

I would like this disgusting show of lack of respect investigated and the names of those involved made public. Those concerned should then be ordered by the Queen to explain in person to her their actions.
A personal & public apology to be given by each and everyone involved to the grieving families of these fallen hero's. Her Majesty The Queen to be requested to review those peers who were involved as to if they are worthy to hold the title, lands & deeds which they have had bestowed upon them.

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Stephen Phillip Woodford

Created On

Saturday 17 May 2014

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Saturday 23 May 2015

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