Do away with MPs dinner expenses

Following Thomas Docherty MP's recent complaints to a parliamentary expenses watchdog about his £15 dinner allowance, I propose that MPs travelling from outside of London use the funds from their standard wage to pay for lunches and dinners. This would mean an abolishment of any monetary entitlement to food that MPs are currently afforded.

Regardless of the subsistence budgets provided to some employees in other businesses and institutions, the coalition government's rhetoric that we "are all in this together" in a time of austerity is betayed by the taxpayer funding of MPs' meals.

As welfare spending cuts take hold in the country, perhaps a saving in expenditure could be made by seeing to it that servants of the public find subsistence in the same manner as those they are purported to serve. At a time when living costs for the average person are increasing, this would demonstrate solidarity with those that new welfare legislation affects.

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Brendan Bennett

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Thursday 4 April 2013

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