Drug addicts housing and benefits issues

Goverment need to address issues regarding sensitivity of letting houses to drug addict with ASBOS who create serious problems for those who have to reside beside them. For example vulnerable old people and people with young children. The current system protects and serves and validates drug addicts. Allowing them to be placed in houses along side vulnerable and decent people. This situation causes tension and conflict amongst residents and the decent tenants who leave there home because of the intolerable situation they are in when they are forced to reside next to drug addicts. Subsequently more drug addicts move into the vacated houses when decent people leave them, which creates slums and undesirable hard to let areas where no one wants to live. This affects the housing stock also. As people do not wish to live there. Government need to address the welfare benefits they receive as it more than what old age pensioners receive and children with families.

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Kerry Duggan

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Saturday 9 November 2013

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Thursday 13 November 2014

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