Drunk drivers who have killed should get minimum wage.

Luke McCormick, who killed two young boys in a drink/drive crash has secured a new one year deal at Plymouth Argyle.

The man killed two young boys! He has lost his right to earn a living from something he loves doing. There are many unskilled labour jobs he could do but... he gets a second shot at football.

Okay fine. But he should be able to earn ONLY the minimum wage, with the rest going to good causes.Many good people struggle to make ends meet and so should he. The two young boy's parent's must be distraught in finding out he has just secured another football deal.

Injustice doesn't cut it in this case. People who have killed others should only be allowed to make the minimum wage upon their release. They chose to take others lives into their hands. England should take their life into its hand.

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Friday 10 May 2013

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