Education in School on Sexual/Domestic Viloence

This e-petition is to demand the government add sexual/domestic violence to the current school curriculum. There is currently sex education in schools that teaches pupils about safe sex but this does not cover sexual and domestic violence.

We would like children to be educated about this problem area and offered support if they are witnessing this abuse or are the victim of this horrendous crime.

We would like to raise awareness of inappropriate sexual conduct either by a family members or a relationship they are involved in. We want counselling services offered to children as there is a strong link between children being abused or witnessing abuse that become at risk of using substances to escape their torture or even developing mental health problems in the future or engage in a life of offending, which we feel could be avoided if children were educated and offered support.

We believe this is an area of weakness and we should be doing more to help the children of our future.

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Angela Ford

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Friday 19 October 2012

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Tuesday 22 October 2013

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